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If Your Life is Hard, Your Brain is Tricking You into Pain

The 6 Steps of Healing framework prepares your brain to help you heal yourself.

Welcome to a deeper level of understanding the 6 Steps of Healing Framework. Our brains need structure in order to process our environment. When something happens in your life that's creating a shock to your nervous system, the brain goes intosurvival mode and taps into your coping mechanisms.

What we are doing here is laying the foundation for you to develop healthy responses to life's hurdles. We are showing you the power and control you can have over your life. There is a way out of pain and suffering. In this section we will discuss each step in detail on a pre recorded video and ebook. Join us and many others who’ve taken the 6 Steps of Healing Short Training.


Fear dissipates where knowledge appears.”

- Dawn Cady

Before We Dive Into The Promise of What You Are Getting Ready To Do

 I want to share a story about one of my clients who’s given us permission to share this with you. She had a rollercoaster of events that shook her world from underneath her feet. Let’s call her Sandy May. 

Sandy May came to me with severe PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), debilitating pain from an injury and a complicated birth that had her paralyzed for over 3 months. She couldn’t sleep, whenever she did, she suffered from night terrors. She couldn’t think straight from the heartbreak and anger of her relationship ending and him not being present for their child. And, she felt like a failure with her career taking a nosedive. What Sandy May didn’t know when she came to me is that she had the power to heal herself and change her life. 

Sandy May went from feeling like she couldn’t cope with her life and pain to completely healing her pain from the injuries, being able to understand the messages from her body and being in control of her mind, which ended the night terrors. 

Now, Sandy May went through a journey of healing with us, and did coaching programs and one-on-one sessions. However, she started right here with this 6 Step of Healing Framework. All you need to know is that you now have a way out. In only 6 months, Sandy is doing great as a single mom. Her career is thriving and she has new offers coming in. She is over 90% pain free. And is enjoying life as a woman who now loves herself, deeply and unconditionally. She did it. Sandy May healed herself and so can you.


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You are at the centre of your healing process. Nobody can heal you but you. This is the truth. We are here to lift the veil and show you what’s been holding you back all these years from living the life you truly desire and deserve. 

We are your support system but it’s up to you. It’s up to you to download this ebook. It’s totally up to you to read it and apply the steps. It is entirely your choice to continue your healing journey with us or not. This is not about us. This is about you choosing to take the reins of your life and healing to become the person you want to be. Are you ready?!

What You Can Expect From Hereon:

  • Your brain will begin to find new and healthy coping mechanisms

  • You will accept with ease instead of having resistance to change and things you cannot change

  • And, you will begin to do the things that bring healing and be healed

  • You will want to take responsibility for things happening to you because you understand it gives you power and control

  • When you know that you have the power to heal your pain and life, you will act in ways and think thoughts that lead to healing

  • Your increased hope will attract things and people who are a vibrational match to who you want to become and where you want to be

  • When you believe more opportunities will show up confirming your desires and manifesting the things you want

  • Meet Dawn Cady

    Dawn Cady is Certified Holistic Specialist, Healer, Multi-Award-Winning Pain Expert. She is Australia's Premiere Pain Freedom Coach, Founder and Owner at Alleviate Pain, Inc (2016).Dawn was a chronic pain sufferer for 31 years and used to take 13 painkillers a day. She learned how to walk again even though doctors told her she would be disabled for the rest of her life. In 2014 Dawn Cady created The Neural Alignment Method®, a multi-award-winning process that unites over 120 of the world’s best healing tools and techniques. The Neural Alignment Method® successfully passed 2 years of clinical trials and was incorporated into Alleviate Pain online and offline programs. Dawn is also highly specialised in Emotional Freedom Technique, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Process Work, Energy Work, and Explain Pain Methods. Her expertise is to guide people on how to break the cycle of their suffering so they can be free to be who they want to be with ease, clarity, and power. 

    Meet Mary-Ann Lagerwey

    Mary-Ann is CEO at Alleviate Pain, Holistic Energy Healer and Intuitive Relationship Coach who helps people to connect with their authentic selves and create more fulfilling lives. She has a deep understanding of the human experience and is able to help her clients to release old patterns and wounds that are no longer serving them. Her work is rooted in the belief that we are all connected, and that by healing ourselves, we can heal the world. Mary-Ann was born with a natural gift for connecting with people and helping them to heal. She has always been drawn to helping others, and after completing her own journey of self-discovery, she decided to turn her passion into a career. For Mary-Ann, energy healing is about more than just balancing chakras or clearing negative emotions; it's about helping people to connect with their true selves so they can live their best lives. In her work as an intuitive relationship coach, Mary-Ann helps people to understand their patterns in relationships and how they can create more fulfilling connections. She has a keen ability to see the underlying issues that are causing pain or conflict, and she provides her clients with practical tools and guidance so they can make lasting changes.

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